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About Fly-Bank

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I dare not say how long fly fishing has been my passion. Earlier, I had more time to discover all aspects of fly fishing, from tying to exploring new waters. Later, I found myself enjoying the time on fishing more than the time tied (pun intended!) to the bench.


Throughout the years, I have met numerous world-class fly tyers across the Nordics - from masters of the conventional to the innovative exotics. Over time and by virtue of amicable fishing trips, the idea of collaborating with active tyers to bring new fly designs to the attention of the regular fly fishing enthusiast began to take shape.

Fast-forward to not-so-long-ago, the journey saw its first real obstacle - finding the suitable subcontractor. Finding the right subcontractor was not just a matter of economics, but one of finding a partner sharing the same values and visions; the subtle art of finesse where quality and character meet to give the fly fisher the best possible experience.


Through our network we are proud to offer flies that are all tied according to Nordic models. The tyer of the original model ensures that the production model captures all the standards of excellence before our subcontractor starts production. 


In case you do not have the time or if, like me, you simply prefer to spend the time available luring the next big catch, I hope you find the suitable fly for you from our selection. 


For those who actively find themselves tying flies - contact us! We are always excited to expand our network with like-minded fly fishers and cooperating on new models.


Tight lines!

Juha Ahonen

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