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Why You Don't Have to Be a Top-Notch Fly Tyer to Finally Catch the Trophy Fish 

I used to run a fly-fishing shop for many years. Tying flies was my favorite hobby and I made sure to have all the high-quality materials available in my shop. As much as I invested in tying flies, my flies were never top-notch, and the more time I spent on tying flies, the less I had time left for fishing.

Well, I was not about to take that and live with it. I decided to find a way of fishing with flies that are all tied according to Nordic patterns and meeting the standards of excellence defined by the tyer of the original pattern.

I finally realised that I could collaborate with active tyers to bring new fly designs within the reach of regular fly-fishing enthusiasts, people like me

Throughout the years, I have met numerous world-class fly tyers across the Nordics - from masters of the conventional to innovative exotics.

I also wanted to find the right subcontractor, a partner sharing the same values and visions; the subtle art of finesse where quality and character meet to give the fly fisher the best possible experience.

Through my network, I was able to produce flies that are tied according to Nordic patterns and in line with high-quality requirements. The tyer of the original pattern ensures that the production pattern captures all the standards of excellence before our subcontractor starts production.

I was excited and proud that one of the forefront fishing guides in Finland, Jani Ollikainen, started using my fishing flies on his fly fishing trips. In 2021 Jani was chosen as the fishing guide of the year by a panel of experts appointed by the Finnish Association for the Promotion of Fishing Tourism.


So, when I finally found a way of liberating more of my own time to fly fishing, I wanted to give others access to the Nordic fishing fly selection as well.

Today, I am excited to give you the same choice that I now have. In case you do not have the time or if, like me, you simply prefer to spend the time available luring the next big catch, I hope you find the suitable fly for you from my fishing flies.

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Here is exactly what you will discover inside my fishing fly shop

  • Pike flies, all my pike flies are tied to the craft'n roll pattern developed by Lauri T. Pihl

  • Sea trout flies, to catch the large ones

  • Salmon flies, derived from the need of having only a few dry flies for salmon

  • Streamers, tied to the proven Nordic patterns

  • Pupas/nymphs/larvas, to help you catch the subsurface salmonides

  • Stone flies, building on the Nordic tradition, some killer patterns efficient also in the early spring


Here is exactly what you are about to get your hands on

Tinsel Leech Black | Value €6 - now €3.50

  • An excellent all-purpose fly for brown trout and grayling

  • It also works for arctic char

  • The original pattern tied by its creator, Kari Latomaa

Tinsel Leech Blue | Value €6 - now €3.50

  • Another member of the Tinsel Leech family

  • Just as efficient as the Silver & Black variants

  • The original pattern tied by its creator, Kari Latomaa

Tinsel Leech Silver | Value €6 - now €3.50

  • My favorite of the three Tinsel Leech variants

  • All three tied by Kati Latomaa

Mulkkis | Value €5.50 - now €3.00

  • If you can choose just one fly for sea trout fishing, this is it

  • The fluorescent color works in the surf just as well as it works in calm water 

  • The original pattern tied by its creator, Kari Latomaa

Pink Shrimp Imitation | Value €6.50 - now €4.00

  • The pink stimulus works well in both waves and calm water

  • The original pattern tied by its creator, Kari Latomaa

Brown Shrimp imitation | Value €5.50 - now €3.00

  • Kari Latomaa's natural-colored shrimp is a trout's basic food for timid fish

  • The original pattern tied by its creator, Kari Latomaa

Craft'n Roll | Value €9.50 - now €6.50

  • Tied to the craft'n roll pattern developed by Lauri T. Pihl

Today all Tinsel Leech variants instead of €6 > only €3.50

Mulkkis & Brown Shrimp Imitation instead of €5.50 > only €3

Pink Shrimp Imitation instead of €6.50 > only €4

Craft'n Roll instead of €9.50 > only €6.50

Risk-free - if you don't like the flies, you can return them within 14 days.

Here is all you need to do now

Just click on the green button below to get started.

Take 2 minutes to make your final selection and to fill in your order infomation.

If you have any questions, email me at and I will get right back to you.

Don't wait as this winning SPRING PROMOTION will only be available for a limited time

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