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Planning to go Fly Fishing in Switzerland?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Fly fishing in Switzerland offers a wide variety of options. In the Swiss rivers and creeks, you can fish for brown trout, brook trout and char, grayling, and barbels. In the lakes, you will find lake trout, pike, perch, walleye, and whitefish to mention some of the most common species.

In general, the rivers are clean and cold and far from settlements. There are options available with easy or difficult access, depending on your preference. However, the best fishing is often found in the more difficult-to-reach spots.

As there are 26 cantons and 4 official languages in Switzerland, it can be difficult to find one’s way through all the local rules and regulations. It may be most efficient to rely on a local contact to help you navigate through the Cantone-specific bureaucracy and to allow you to focus on the fishing and on getting the most out of your Swiss Fly-Fishing journey.

One of the companies providing useful information for those planning a fishing trip to Switzerland is

Below is a summary of the locations that they offer with a link to each of them. At the link, you will find all the details for fishing at this place.



Fish Species


The fishing season for the specified stretches on the Inn starts on 01 June and ends on 15 September.

​Brook trout, grayling and minnows.

​Rivers & Streams

The season at Schüss starts each year on 16 March and lasts until late September.

​Brown trout which are the predominant fish, but you can also catch rainbow trout and, occasionally, grayling and bass. From time to time, lake trout are being caught, which emerge from the Bielersee during spring and autumn.

​​Rivers & Streams

15th of May and lasts until 30th of September.

​The season starts on Grayling, brook trout and rainbows are the species that you will catch at this location.

​​Rivers & Streams

The fishing season on the Clemgia in S-charl starts on 01 May and ends on 15 September.

​Hungry brown trout are native to the Clemgia. In 2021, the stocking rate was 3,500 fish, mainly small fish. Despite the elevation, the fish grow into beautiful and strong fighting specimens.

​​Rivers & Streams

From 2021, the season on the Thur will not begin until May 01 and will last until September 15.

​Strong brown trout.

The average size is about 25 cm to 35 cm (10 to 14 inches). However, specimens of 55 cm are caught every year.

​​Rivers & Streams

The season starts on 16th of March and ends on 30th of September.

​Mainly brook trout.

​​Rivers & Streams

Fishing on the Seez is possible from the beginning of May until the end of September.

​The stream has a good stock of wild brown trout. With a bit of luck, you might have the chance to catch a trout above 40cm.

​​Rivers & Streams

The famous Doubs-trout may be fished from the first Saturday of March to the 30th of September.

​Doubs-trout, grayling, pike and whitefish.

​​Rivers & Streams

In the canton of Berne, the fishing season lasts from 16th March to 30th of September. Between June and August it is well known as the best time to catch brook trout with the dry fly.

​Mainly brook trout, which is protected from 16th of September.

​​Rivers & Streams

Canton Bern (Section 280): from middle of March to the end of September. More Information


Canton Jura: from the first Saturday in March to the end of September. More Information


Canton Basel-Landschaft (FIPAL): from 1st of March until 14th of October. More Information.


Canton Solothurn: from 1st of March until 14th of October. More Information.

​On the river Birs you will find pike, perch and barbel, as well as a very good stock of brown trout.

​​Rivers & Streams

​You get further information when you buy a fishing license or you can find it on this link Linthkanal (only in German).

​Grayling, rainbows, brook and lake trout.

​​Rivers & Streams

​The season usually starts in mid-June and ends in mid-October.

​Trout and char.


​The season usually starts in mid-March and ends with the end-fishing around mid-October. For more detailed information about the opening hours and regulations follow this link Sitysee-Information.

​Char, brook trout and rainbows.


​Season opening is on 15th of May and ends on 31st of October.

​Mainly pike, perch and whitefish.


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